YOUthink Crime Prevention Team

youthink_webThe YOUthink Crime Prevention Team run weekly Triage and Youth Caution Clinics at The Quad.

What is Triage?

The Triage clinic aims to reduce the number of first-time entrants to the Criminal Justice System.

How are young people referred into the Triage clinic?

Police can refer first-time offenders to the clinic if the young person admits to an offence, has no previous offences and the offence is deemed to be of a low level.

What happens at the Triage clinic?

When you arrive at The Quad, speak to the staff in the office and let them know your name and that you are here for the Triage clinic. They will then be able to let the correct staff member know that you have arrived.

Every young person who attends Triage has to engage in a brief assessment. This assessment is designed to find out how likely you are to re-offend and to identify any needs that you may have.

If you have experienced difficulties in education, you may also be assessed by the YOT Speech & Language Therapist at a later date.

The YOUthink Prevention worker will also assess parenting support needs and refer parents onto parenting programmes within the borough (such as Time Out For Parents).

What happens before the Triage clinic?

Prior to the assessment, checks are made with the Police, schools and Children’s Services to determine if they have had previous contact with you and / or your family.

Do my parent(s) / carer(s) need to come to the appointment with me?

Your parent / carer will need to attend the session with you if you are under 17 years old.

Restorative Justice

Every young person who attends the Triage clinic is required to engage in a restorative justice session if there is a direct victim to their crime.

The session aims to increase your awareness of the impact of your offending on others, including the victim(s).

You will be asked to speak about the offence in detail and then engage in a restorative justice process. An example of a restorative justice process would be writing a letter of apology to the victim.

Youth Cautions

You may be eligible for a Youth Caution, a Conditional Caution or prosecution via the Courts in cases where it is a second offence or an offence which is:

  • committed when you are already subjected to an order
  • committed when you have previous convictions
  • a first offence, but is too serious to be dealt with via the Triage clinic

If you are eligible for a Youth Caution, the YOT Police Officer will deliver the Caution at the Youth Caution Clinic which can take place at the Police Station or at The Quad.

You will be assessed / re-assessed by a worker and offered the same support options as at Triage clinic (i.e. advice / support, referral to other agencies and referral into YOUthink).

Contacting us

If you need to contact the YOUthink Crime Team please call 020 8770 5754 between 9am and 5pm on weekdays, or email